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Cold Case Homicides and Missing Persons 

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Eagle Cold Case and Missing Person Institute (ECCMPI) offers Cold Case and Investigative Training to law enforcement agencies, civic groups, private investigators and more.

ECCMPI offers certification level analytical courses including our Certified Cold Case Examiner (3CE), which focuses on leadership, cohesive teams, and a strict process to analyze uncleared cases, which produces actionable intelligence, and creates viable leads for the investigative process.

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The Eagle Cold Case and Missing Person Institute defines Cold Case Homicide and Missing Person Cases as any case that has not undergone the 3CE analysis process.

ECCMPI also works directly with victim  families  offering resources and support during these very challenging times.


The number of cold or "unsolved" cases in America is at epidemic proportions, topping 211,000 unsolved homicides since 1980.

The ECCMPI works to collect data sets and produce products to educate the legal system and society on the current and historical fact pattern of Cold Case Homicides and Missing Person Cases.

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