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The Eagle Cold Case and Missing Person Institute is dedicated to providing services, resources, education and peace to families of victims, government agencies, and other organizations.

For more information on our programs and services, please contact us.


Get involved!  There is strength in numbers.  There are too many unresolved homicides and missing persons to solely rely on police departments to handle.  Become a volunteer, a team member, or an advocate for families.  Get Involved!


Please accept our help.  We use the term "government agency" when referring to Law Enforcement, the Prosecutorial System, and any other agency mandated with the collection of information and/or the investigation of unresolved homicides and missing persons. 


We are an altruistic team of mission focused people committed to the never ending fight to clear unresolved homicides and missing person cases.  Our model of information and evidence analysis allows for specific actionable intelligence product building, which in turns provides viable investigative leads to accomplish.  Additionally, we can assist with proactive investigative leads accomplished through our network of licensed private investigators.


You have experienced an event that most people have not, and most probably, will never share in.  We have shared in that experience through a multitude of cases we have worked. 


We are here for you.  You will always have an advocate through our organization.  Allow us to consult with you on your experience. 


Our checklist, of what you can do, has proven effective in the collection of information which can assist a Law Enforcement and/or Government Agency, and Private investigation.  We also welcome you to become a volunteer, team member, or advocate for other families who share a similar experience.


We rely on the generous gifts and donations from others!  We challenge ALL organizations, private and public, to take a stand with us in our fantastically challenged mission.  Become a donor, an organizational team member, a volunteer, and/or advocate for this vital cause.  Only as a team can we fight this national epidemic which is unresolved homicides and missing persons.  

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